Yáng Yuǎn Zhì (adudeabides) wrote in lightworks,
Yáng Yuǎn Zhì

Work-Related Images

These are work-related images. All from earlier this year when I was involved with military support operations of the re-dedication of the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics.

First up is an image of two soldiers standing at the position of Parade Rest at the edge of a crowd during the Dedication Ceremony.

(cropped, increased amount of cyan in image and de-saturated slightly to counteract sunburn, re-sized)

The next image is of two former soldiers in WWII-era uniforms.

(cropped, brightness and contrast fixed, converted to greyscale then into quadtone using black and 3 shades of grey, re-sized)

The next image is of a WWII-era tank.

(cropped slightly, re-sized)

The next image is of the flag outside the Institute of Politics from the vantage point of just outside the primary entrance.

(cropped, re-sized)

The next image is of a wooden flagpole with the 48-state American flag and 10th Mountain Division colors, with re-enactors and WWII-era equipment in the background.

(cropped, re-sized)

The next image is a shot of the front of the Institute of Politics in the late afternoon, with a visitor standing near the reflecting pool.

(cropped, re-sized)

All images taken with the following equipment: Canon Rebel G (QD) (a 35mm film SLR), Canon 28-90mm f/4-5.6 USM II lens, circular polarizer filter, UV Haze filter, Kodak MAX 400 film, scanned during development onto CD, and manipulated as indicated above.

Comments, critiques, questions, etcetera are welcome and encouraged.
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