Yáng Yuǎn Zhì (adudeabides) wrote in lightworks,
Yáng Yuǎn Zhì

Diffusion w/ Portraiture

Not sure if I've posted these photos before. If not, here they are...

This one had some slight saturation changes (lowered color saturation), but that's about it. That picture is from a roll of pictures I took with a soft-focus/diffusion filter mounted to my lens. Even though a soft-focus normally looks good with the female form, I disliked the filter. I prefer having the pictures as sharp as possible...the effect can be added in post-processing work if I desire; I felt the filter too limiting.

This photo is an example of the soft-focus effect being added during post-processing work. I believe I did have a polarizing filter on my lens at the time, however. Other post-processing work is pretty obvious...I changed the photograph into a duotone, using black and a blue tone.

Camera is a Canon Rebel G QD (yes, I still prefer film), using Canon's EOS 28-90mm lens (in the 75-90 range for these photos).

They aren't recent photos. Can't think of new ideas and the weather's not encouraged that (I did create photobasics tonight, however, for those wanting to learn more about photography-related things or improve their technical skills). Now that it's (reasonably) nice though, maybe it's time to look for someone in the area who's interested in having me attempt to take photos (if you know anyone interested, might as well send them my way. lol).

So...that's about it.
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